Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Phew, it's all over for another two years!!!!

What a long weekend it has been and very tiring.  Why?

Well last weekend Higham Piecemakers had their Biennial (that is every two years!) Exhibition and I seemed to spend most of the weekend at The Bede House.  As secretary of the group I had spent time on the odd jobs that needed doing and ensuring that the publicity appeared where it should.

I arrived early on Friday afternoon to help Mr T and L set up the tables, the quilt hanging stands and the gazebos for the outside catering,  By 6.00pm the group helpers had arrived and we set up for the following day.  Lots of quilts which I will not show as they are very well documented here, the sales table overflowing with goodies -

the Bag-a-bola that sold out by lunchtime on Saturday -
the cushion raffle that always draws in the punters -
and the Christmas Challenge 2014 set out on the stage, thanks to John.
Our group quilt, that had gone walkabout, for the last Exhibition was in its rightful place outside the front door and I forgot to take a photo of it!!

The following morning I arrived good and early and helped L to put out tables and chairs for the refreshments; what a glorious sunny day it proved to be -
On the way to the hall I had taken a very quick photo -
Excuse the shadow in the middle but taken very early in the morning
People started arriving well before the official start time, so we either let them in or pointed them to the refreshments.  It was 'Farmers' Market' day so we did quite well out of that.  As the collector of the entrance charge (or the Rottweiler on the door!) I was determined no-one would get in without paying!!!!  By 4 o'clock we were very tired and glad to close up, but the chairs and tables had to be brought in, in case it rained overnight.

On Sunday the weather was also kind to us and we had a steady stream of visitors until the drawing of the cushion raffle just before we closed and a really fast clear up!!  My car was stuffed with 42 'unclaimed' cushions and so the first job was to list all the details from the ticket stubs.

I was in the middle of this when I received a phone call from L to say we had raised

What a brilliant effort and all for charity.
Monday morning was spent phoning all the cushion winners and the job of delivering started, including two that I have posted to Nottingham and Norfolk.  People come from far and wide for our show!!
So now I only have 8 cushions to re-home and I will need to ring these people again. For me, this is the worst part of the whole show and I hate cushions!!!!!!!! BUT everyone receiving one has loved them so that makes it all worthwhile.
Now to get on with converting my third bedroom to my new workroom - my project for October,  November,   December  .....


  1. Well done to all, but a big thank you goes to you committee members for all of the hard work organising.

  2. Well done on getting all those cushions to their new homes. Great weekend, but EXHAUSTING!!!

  3. Wow, you all did such a fantastic job, the show was clearly the result of countless hours of work. It looks absolutely wonderful and what a boost for your chosen charity xx