Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Pedal power

If you recognise this you will know where I was at the weekend.  Yes, it is the Olympic Velodrome where my sons, G and M, with friend O had been given gift vouchers for an hours ride.  So with wives, children and me in tow we all met there for this exciting experience.
My three grand-daughters were very excited to look down on the course but we were even more excited when we were told we could go in the centre.  This is what it looked like for the 2012 Olympics (sorry - photo of a photo!)

 So down the stairs, under the track and then into the centre and the boys were having their first briefing -
G, O and M waiting to start
If you have followed me regularly you will know that M's favoured sport is Marathon running and cycling is only undertaken when doing a triathlon.  G rides regularly and loves his cycling (hence at the front) and I am sure that O will forgive me when I say he is completely laid back and only does sport to keep up with the other two!!

Anyway, not only was I taking my own pictures but M could not take his Go-Pro camera on his helmet on the track, so gave it to my grandson B to take movies!   I had charge of the laptop to see what he was filming - mostly his fingers or the roof but we eventually decided to fix it to the railings which seems to have worked and certainly freed me up a bit.
G leading O
Anyway G was beasting everyone on the track and at great speed, with O and M taking their own time, but it was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After a picnic where we saw cyclists having a race on the outside track, we went and watched youngsters on the BMX track warming up for some racing later on.  The little ones were going quite slowly but the older ones were already leaving the ground. 

We found a wonderful park that the children really enjoyed -

Don't children love water!!
and I went for a short walk trying to remember what it was like when I was there for the Paralympics.
The plants had certainly grown
The stadium in the background

Me taking a photo of myself reflected in a silver sphere
Watching the children I heard a raucous noise in the air and saw all these rooks circling a crane - is it their rookery in the centre of the city?

Finally we headed here -

where the children seemed to spend hours spending their pocket money in the Lego store and a shop I have never heard of before Smiggle.

The day was rounded off with a meal at Giraffe and so home.

Update on the work on my 'studio' - not my workroom I have been told.  I have spent the last two days decorating it, have bought storage units from Ikea, washed the old curtains and have arranged to borrow Mr T to come and help put up shelves etc.  It might be ready in three weeks - exciting!!

My 'Mini Mania' Log Cabin is finished -

It measures 10" all round
and I have been told what to do for October but may not be able to use my studio to make it.  Anyway ideas are circulating in my small pea size brain!!

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