Friday, 23 October 2015

A Wedding .....

Just a short blog today because I have a very busy weekend but I just wanted to show off this group quilt.

As you know I belong to Higham Piecemakers and I have always gone to group on a Wednesday evening as I used to work. Since I retired I still go on Wednesdays because I have friends there and enjoy their company but we also have people who go to work and therefore they are younger which we welcome for their new ideas and the fact that our skills are being passed down to a new generation.

Hayley is the daughter of one of our Monday ladies, but when we heard she was getting married Jackie suggested that we make her a quilt for a wedding present. But what could we all make and what about the colour scheme and more importantly how could we make it in secret so that Hayley didn't find out. In the end we decided on a Log Cabin design made in cream and mauve with a centre square of orange, the latter to be provided to hold the whole design together.

We beavered away during the summer and Jackie put the whole quilt together and on Wednesday evening Hayley came in to group and we presented the quilt.
The photo is not quite mauve enough but you get the gist!
This morning I popped into St Marys Church in Higham Ferrers with some other members of the group and watched the marriage of Hayley and Andrew. A lovely wedding (though a little chilly standing about in the churchyard) with flowers in mauve, cream and orange.
The bride's bouquet
How did we know what colours her flowers would be? Well we have insider knowledge - one of our members is responsible for the church flowers every week, so brides discuss what they need with her!!

By the way, Hayley was thrilled with her quilt and had absolutely no idea that we were making it!

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  1. Great to get a secret project done! The flowers were beautiful - as was the bride!