Sunday, 18 October 2015

At last ...

I hate living in a mess and my regular readers will know that I have been making some major changes in my house and as I lay in bed this morning, I thought "Why didn't I do this earlier" because already I have noticed some significant savings in my time and energy!!

I have been in the process of changing my small third bedroom from the general tip that it was -
Loads of 'stuff' under the bed
Lots of 'stuff' in the cabinet
and I have removed everything from it to start from scratch.  A huge amount of clearing out and a great deal of shredding of personal paper no longer required and I still have plenty to shred but I can do this at my leisure.  I have got rid of the bed, broken down all the old furniture, which was already falling apart anyway and put the old desktop computer into storage.  I have brought the printer downstairs and this was the most sensible thing I have ever done, because most of my computer work is done downstairs and I had to run upstairs every time to get anything printed!!  A no-brainer really.

Decorating took a few days, especially when I discovered I had forgotten to buy ceiling paint and had to rush out and get some!  After that it was just arranging for different people to do different jobs.  My wonderful next door neighbour who carried the heavy stuff up and downstairs, another friend who was providing me with some carpet underlay, the fitter who came on the right day to fit the carpet, and finally Mr T without whom none of the drilling would have been done and was quite brilliant, patient and helpful.

So here is the tah dah moment.........

Wait for it  ........

So a small 9' x 8' (2.75m x 2.44m) room has been transformed and all my craft stuff is now stored in one place and with some very simple alterations can be turned back into a bedroom when the grandchildren come to stay and will take two beds if necessary.

Everything came from Ikea - the wall storage units are Kallax, the tables are Vaddo and finally Erik 

who caused me more problems than everything else put together!  However I put all of these items together myself using my trusty cordless screwdriver and I am really pleased with the final effect and best of all, upstairs is now tidy and easy to walk around.

Now to get going with some sewing, the first item being Mini Mania for October, which must be applique and must have some orange in it.  I have an idea, the fabric and best of all the right colour sewing thread so lets get going.


  1. That's amazing Carol. You've done a great job, I know where to come when I need mine sorting.

    1. Loving it but too many sleepless nights working things out!!

  2. Looks great Carol, and you will love the idea of a space of your very own to do with as you please....... As you don't need to clear up and put away, you can visit your place do a few stitches even if you only have 5 mins to spare. Great job X X

  3. Great job Carol!! Love that you have your own space to play! We will see what creations the new studio inspires. Love you work in progress on the board....

  4. Looks great, oh how I wish I had a room dedicated to craft! X

    1. Thanks Lyndsey and I love your crocheted Christmas baubles. The crochet group that belong to will love them.

      I do love my 'studio', not workroom, I have been told and just to be able to leave it without everything being cleared away is wonderful.

  5. Looks great, oh how I wish I had a room dedicated to craft! X