Sunday, 11 October 2015

Knitting and Stitching

Thank goodness for the Show.
As Higham Piecemakers were not making their annual trip I decided to go on my own. Very selfish not go with a friend but I wanted to go very early and return when I wanted so early Wednesday morning I set off in the car for the first day. Well the journey was slow because it was rush hour but I arrived just after opening time and what a difference that made. No crowds and I was able to walk around at my leisure and buy items which may not have been there a day or two later.

I needed to buy a special Christmas present so cannot show it to you, but I did buy a jelly roll for a workshop later in the week, another two balls of wool for another Road Trip Scarf for myself and had to prevent myself from buying items for my new studio (still not finished). However I left just after midday and got home far quicker than going to London.

Then to the carpet warehouse to buy an offcut for 'The Studio' and I phoned the carpet fitter to come and lay it later this week. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one as I feel that he may be the equivalent of 'falling off the back of a lorry'. His price was ridiculously cheap so maybe there is a lesson - well we shall see.

I was booked into a workshop at Poppy Patch for a workshop with Jan Hassard entitled 'Undulations'. However when I arrived I did not have enough strips and colours to make the Undulations quilt, so instead I started on Dazzling Diamonds.
Strips pinned to a board
I could not understand what I was supposed to be doing until suddenly I had that light bulb moment and will definitely have a go at the Undulations quilt because I loved the effect.

This morning has been spent putting my 2 Ikea flat pack storage units together and managed to complete this in about 3 hours. There was also time to start putting the small two drawer filing cabinet together and when I opened the box discovered that it had three drawers, which is NOT what I want so tomorrow I will return and exchange it. What a nuisance but not insurmountable!! Needless to say my language was ripe with myself for not noticing this!!!!

I have another busy week ahead, but am hopeful of good news by the weekend.  I will let you know.


  1. Wednesday was a much better day to attend the Alexandra Palace show - so much quieter than the weekend!
    Love your Dazzling Diamonds!!!

  2. Love your Dazzling quilt, shame you didn't have enough fabric for the other one, but we can get to see that in the future. Looking forward to photos of the finished 'Studio'.