Saturday, 14 May 2016

A bit of this and a bit of that ....

This week has been busy again but nothing of great interest to readers, but it meant that I never seem to stop!!  This is supposed to be retirement.

Last weekend I had organised a horse riding activity for the 50+ Adventure Club and I decided to give it a go again.  Now I am not very athletic and I am certainly getting quite creaky so it was with some trepidation I waited to mount 'Micky'.  No problem getting on because we used a mounting block, but then the heavens opened and we had to take shelter in the inside covered mΓ©nage.  The rain soon passed, thunder and lightning were all round us as we went out hacking in the fields but it was a great ride.

But I still had to get off!!  Well I discovered that I couldn't swing my leg over the horses rump, even though I was leaning over Micky's neck so it was suggested that I get off as if I had been riding side saddle so that is what I did!  Right leg over his neck and slide to the ground - haha!!  I landed in a heap on the ground and had to have help getting up; what an ignominious end to a great afternoon.

I completed another item for Wrap Pyjama Fairies today with fabric donated by my friend 'R'.  This is a hospital gown -
This wraps over and ties at the side, BUT this is not the fastening.  It has snaps on the shoulders which can be opened to carry out treatments.  No need to undo the ties at all.
Snap fasteners - what a brilliant idea

I have also started my May Mini Mania and here is a sneaky peek -
Is this going to be Cathedral Window - I hope so

This afternoon I was out for a bit of culture.  I went to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge to see their exhibition of 'Death on the Nile'.  My late husband and I had a holiday in Egypt because we were so interested in their ancient history.  We visited the Temple of Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor Temple and even the Aswan Dam and all done as early in the morning as possible before the sun became too hot.  We loved it, so this exhibition was something I really wanted to see and it was excellent. 

Near the entrance are the armouries with guns, cross bows, helmets and sets of armour.  I love this -
Full size!!
However this one has everyone tittering -

Adults only please and I will say no more

Note the codpiece; was he boasting!!!!

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  1. Nothing like a horse ride fur a but if a laugh. Your wrap pj's and theatre gowns are lovely, so bright and cheerful, jiust like you πŸ‘ πŸ˜„