Friday, 6 May 2016

" A View to a Kill"

This is a warning - the first part of the blog today is not for the squeamish!!

I arrived home late on Tuesday and, as usual, I glanced out of the kitchen window to see if there were any birds on the lawn.  There was only a little Dunnock hopping about and feeding, so I carried on preparing my supper.  Five minutes later I glanced up again and saw this -

be warned - gruesome to some

A Sparrowhawk had it's supper!!

It stayed on the lawn for at least 15 minutes (I managed to get my camera and take these pictures) and cleared the carcass.  Very exciting, but I am now worried that this bird will consider my garden as it's feeding place.

Anyway there has been some finishing this week with photos and not much text!!  First is my Mini Mania for April for which we had to use Drunkards Path in plain colours.  As these seams are curved it involved a lot of pinning, but I have used it before so not so difficult for me.
I have been told it looks like dancers!

Some years ago I made this floor mat for one of my grandchildren, so I just used four blocks for Mini Mania.
A jigsaw design

For May's Mini Mania we have to make a 9 patch (or more) Cathedral Window, no bigger than 24" (61cms) or smaller.  Hoping to start it later today and I want to go small, small, small.

In the last blog I mentioned that I was making pyjamas for Wrap Pyjama Fairies.  Over the last weekend I made up six pairs all in different children's fabrics and this is an example -

Top and bottoms for a 2 year old
Thomas the Tank Engine fabric

The wrap around top
These patterns are very clever because you integrate the ties when sewing side seams to give the wrap effect.  I hope a little boy or girl enjoy these.

Remember this from the last blog;

Well I have sent this off to my eldest granddaughter.  I hope she likes it!
A Dreamcatcher

I loved adding the final pretty, pretty detail for her.


  1. Hope that lovely catches all of her bad dreams.
    Love those cut PJ's!

  2. I hope you still get birds in the garden after that kill. Love the dream catcher and I am sure it will catch lots and lots of dreams for your granddaughter X

  3. Fab PJs and for such a good cause! We had a sparrowhawk kill a blackbird hen in our garden last month, brutal but stunning.