Friday, 20 May 2016

May is moving .......

very, very fast!!

The week began with the 50+ Adventure Club Spring Walk and a pub lunch.  A lovely sunny day though there was a cold wind at the top of a very steep hill, which did sort 'the men from the boys' so to speak.  I have to keep walking on these occasions and keep my head down and not speak to anyone, so got up fairly quickly.
The way down even though everyone looks as if they are going up!!

The next day was my weekly Nordic walk and we watched nature quite a lot but still managed to walk 6 miles.  I love this picture -

though the seagulls were dive bombing the cygnets and I was lucky to get a picture of the adult right way up.  Most of the time the tail was in the air as it fed and we expected the babies to be taken.

That same evening I whooped with delight as I saw that these had returned to my bird feeder after a few years away.
Goldfinches - my favourite!
 I had my usual day in Bedford looking after Will and we went to the park to see the Davis Cup on Tour.  Even Will took an interest

but we also had to visit the swings as well!!  I think he was a little daunted by the hundreds of school children receiving a free tennis lesson!!

Last night I went to a local meeting of the Embroiders Guild to hear Jacqueline Wilson give a talk on Smocking.  Very handy as I had my Smocking Group this morning and the talk has given me some ideas.  I want to use it in clothing for myself but have to find the right medium, but in the meantime my granddaughters may receive some more dresses.

I spent £3 this week buying this book, and having had hysterical laughter over the bikini on the front cover I actually found a pattern inside that I liked.  The hysterical laughter was brought on by the memories of knitted woollen swimsuits that sagged around the ankles when they got wet!!  As the yarn suggested is no longer made I phoned the lovely people at the Wool Warehouse who were extremely helpful and the parcel duly arrived.  Very exciting.
This is all I will show at this moment
Can't start at moment as I have something else to finish but watch this space.

A free weekend is coming up so I MUST finish my May Mini Mania as there are only about 10 days to go and June is just as busy!!!!   Heeeeelp.


  1. You are so lucky to still have birds visiting your garden after the slaughter a few weeks ago 😱😱. I am waiting patiently to see your new project grow, l love the colours you gave chosen

  2. I love the textures of that new wool, looking forward to seeing your creation xx

    1. Not for a while Josie as I must finish other projects.