Monday, 30 May 2016

Here, there and everywhere ...

On the whole the weather has been quite kind and on Tuesday I took Will to Wimpole Hall.  We picked up his Granma, my sister, on the way and our visit started with a ride on the tractor - so exciting.  Well, we were on a trailer but right behind the tractor!!  We visited the Farm and saw lots of animals but the star attraction, for him, were the little tractors -

though Granma had to push and I had to steer.  We spent time in the playground -

All very child friendly and it wore him out.  Later we walked back through the grounds to have a quick visit to the house.  There were extensive swathes of wild flower meadows, wonderful trees -
200 year old yew tree and NOT to be climbed

wonderful views -
The folly
Looking South from the house

My photo of the house does not do it justice so go to the website link.

Later in the week the 50+ Adventure Club had it's annual BBQ and games evening.  Why did we pick May this year as it is usually a July event!  It was so cold when the sun started to set. 
We barbecued with a great deal of smoke and the rounders were set up though the grass had not been cut and so we had the advantage that the ball did not run on. 

However we had a good evening.

I took delivery of this; any ideas?
No, not a board game; this will be really useful for crocheted Granny Squares as they can be pegged out (in a pile) to flatten them.  Unfortunately no squares to demonstrate at the moment!!
Side view
Aerial view
I bet you didn't know that you wanted one!  They have been made by a local craftsman and are probably not available on the 'Net'.

I have almost finished my latest 'Dreamcatcher' and it needs mounting.

but have started crocheting another project; more about that in due course. 

I finished and posted off some surgical gowns and pyjamas for this charity and each time I make for them I think about the child that may get to wear them.  I am currently making another batch with fabric donated by Higham Piecemakers.

I went over to Cambridge yesterday to work on my 'Cambridge Allotment'!!  My son has dug most of it but one side needed tidying up. 
Autumn sewn broad beans looking good
 As I have written before, everything has to be covered initially as the Muntjac eats seedlings.  The beans got too big before we could remove the cover and it has been left in place!
Little bunches of grapes forming
 I know nothing about looking after a grapevine so it is a bit hit and miss but we did get a few bunches last year.   This year looks better.
Again to stop the Muntjac

Even the ends have to have string over them!!
Managed to clear away everything but I shall leave the digging to my son!  Now ready for summer as there are seeds sprouting in the greenhouse but please can we have some warmer weather.  There is such a cold wind!

Busy week and weekend ahead.  On Saturday the 50+ Adventure Club are going on a coach trip to London, that I have organised. Sunday I am 'support' for my eldest son as he rides in the Tour of Cambridgeshire complete with road closures for drivers.  What does 'support' do?  Well I am to provide him with his water bottles, with a tablet in them, for re-hydration so I must be at a particular point at a particular time.  Hope I find it alright!!

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