Sunday, 19 April 2015

Cold Sunday afternoon!!

It has been so cold this afternoon that I actually did some sewing with my fingerless mittens on!!  I suffer from 'White Finger or Raynaud's disease and when this happens I cannot feel to do any sort of craft so on came the mittens.

Luckily my hands warmed up and I could continue.

I have mentioned before that I have a new camera and I have been experimenting with it especially on 'burst' or 'sport' mode and so this afternoon I lurked in my kitchen to take some wildlife pictures.  The birds are returning at last after the cat family from the house at the bottom of the garden seem to have moved on.  About a year ago I discovered that there were cats, cats and more cats coming into my garden and frightening off the birds and even killing them as well.  I had to dispose of many pigeon carcasses, there were always feathers in the garden as well as cat mess. But they have gone and though these are very common birds I am delighted to see them return.
I have a pair of these robins -
a family of house sparrows
After filling up the feeders the 'big' ones arrived and dominated the bird table -
Collared dove
A big fat wood pigeon but I love his feet!!
This common chap was on the ground waiting his turn to feed and getting very frustrated.
However my day was made when this one came onto the Niger seed -
I used to have a large flock of Goldfinches but they all disappeared - are they coming back? I hope so.

In my last blog I wrote about the frogspawn in the pond. Well here it is:-
Look very carefully and you can see the little black dots below the surface - so exciting!!
The sun is shining at last and I have just finished a Top Secret project (you will see it soon) and I must now prepare for the next Higham Piecemakers activity session making Twisted Log Cabin which I have never done before. 


  1. Great photos of the birds ,Carol. I have been sitting at my window watching the birds come down to our rockery where we had a waterfall! They are looking as though to say " where's that gone then?" A, wondering what your top secret project is!!!

  2. I love birds so much!! What will your secret project be??!!

  3. We are awaiting the summer return of the house martins who leave under our eaves. We also have sparrows under the chimney flashing but our nosiest guests are the huge family of starlings who nest in an inaccessible part of our loft. I'm amazed your chap was waiting patiently, ours are VERY gregarious and seem to spent all their time bickering!