Sunday, 12 April 2015

Spring walk

Before I start telling you about today, I have to mention Crochet Group on Friday morning. Back in February the group under the excellent tutelage of J, were told that we could no longer meet at our usual venue!!  Disaster!!  What to do next as we were a comparatively new group and we all of us needed help of one sort or another. Never fear we came up with the answer straight away and we now meet in each other's homes, where there is enough space and we have limited the group number to about 12 people. It appears to be working well and last Friday it was my turn to host. We all managed to get into my rather small house without too much trouble and it turned into a 'Crochet and Natter' session and I brought out my back copies of Simply Crochet magazine. The latest copy has a pattern for a Super Stool Cover and I decided to make one as I spend a lot of time sitting on mine (kitchen stool I mean) and using my laptop. I have adapted the pattern to use up my Zpaghetti Yarn that I have left over from a previous piece and this is my Work in Progress (WIP).
It still needs a few more rounds and I will need to change colour as I am nearly out of pink but I will show you when it is finished.

Anyway back to today which was the Spring Walk for the 50+Adventure Club and we all met at Greetham Valley Golf Club. When I left home early this morning the sun was shining and the wind was gentle breeze but what happened in between? By the time we got to the golf club the wind was 'blowing a hooley' as my friend in the north calls it and we were all quite glad of hats and gloves. However it did get a little warmer as the sun got stronger and it was a beautiful day when we were sheltered!  We walked though the village of Greetham and I saw this very unusual building and had to have a photo -

 There were the most amazing cut outs in the walls and gargoyles along the ledge under the top windows.  No idea if it is someone's home.

We saw these delightful little Shetland ponies, especially the one on the right, who refused to turn round and was no bigger than a Labrador dog.  The pony looking at us was the exact copy of a Thelwell pony we all agreed.

Anyway we pressed on and eventually came to this lovely lake with Fort Henry on the other side.

Then across the lake came this little family of Coots.  (You may need to double click to get a better view) There were 5 very, very small chicks working hard in the blustery conditions!!

'Mum' and 'Dad' were keeping a very sharp eye on them. We all hoped they survive.

After an excellent Sunday lunch at the golf club with all the 50+ Adventure Club members and a good chat, I got home to find this vase in full bloom and a lovely smell as well, so a brisk Spring Walk rounded off by lunch and my gorgeous daffodils and narcissus. Who cared if a gale was blowing!! We all warmed up eventually.


  1. Your stool cover is just the right shade of pink for you , and so glad you are using all of your scraps. Looks like you had a lovely walk, and the daffy are the bonus.

  2. Lovely daffs! Lovely little Shetland ponies!