Tuesday, 28 April 2015

I went to Coventry ..

On Sunday the 50+ Adventure Club had a Blue Badge guided walk of Coventry and though I know the city centre from my working days (we had a training centre in the middle) I had not visited the new Cathedral since I was in my 20's - a very long time ago!!

First stop was the bombed out remains of the old Cathedral, which was  heavily blitzed in November 1940 as Coventry was one of the centres of armament manufacture during World War 2.  The Cathedral is now an area of 'Peace and Reconciliation'.
The East end of the old Cathedral
The old Cathedral Spire
The Cross of Wood from the charred remains

'Father Forgive'
The cross is actually a replica of the original one that was put together the morning after the bombing by workmen, who also chalked 'Father Forgive' behind and is now painted in gold.  A very moving altar where services are still held weekly on the theme of reconciliation.
There are many other sculptures around this area including:-
Ecce Homo by Jacob Epstein
We didn't go into the new Cathedral as there were church services going on and time did not permit - another visit perhaps?  However I do remember the fantastic Graham Sutherland tapestry Christ in Glory from my previous visit and the wonderful stained glass..

Our next stop was St Mary's Guildhall, passing this house on the way -
22 Bailey Lane
 Built in 1500 it is the only remaining example in the area of medieval timber framed houses, chimneys added in the 17th century and the shop front in the early 19th century.
St Mary's Guildhall
The ceiling of the Guildhall
The bollards in this part of the city are all topped by elephants

Priory Row - Bishop's Palace on the right
After a walk through some of the older parts of Coventry we came into the shopping centre where there is a statue to one of the more famous early residents - Lady Godiva.
and yes, she is naked!!
All Britons know her story, but if you don't here it is. The origin of Peeping Tom here also.

This was the end of the tour and lunch beckoned so we went to the nearest Weatherspoons -
Not sure how much is old or new, but pretty impressive
and the 'Ladies' loo was very modern!

After lunch we toured the Motor Museum and saw models of bicycles and motor cars both of which were made in the City.  Daimler, Jaguar and Rover are the more famous names in the industry.

A great day out, albeit a little cold!


  1. I love all of your photos of the Cathedral and surround. I last visited the new Cathedral when I was still at school......many many years ago, in fact I think the Cathedral had not long been finished. Make a note to oneself to visit soon x

  2. The ruins are a very moving place. The night it was bombed must have been horrific . Lucky for all that survived.

  3. What a lovely trip down memory lane for you. I've never been and your photos are so different from what I would have expected, thanks for sharing xx