Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Just walking fairly aimlessly!!

Yesterday, Tuesday, was my Bedford day and as it was forecast to be very warm Will and l went out early. I think it was a little too early for the sun but I started taking pictures as I went and there seemed to be a lot going on down by the river.
There is a  band stand, though no-one was playing
Mrs Mallard was very friendly, though Will was a little surprised!
Boats training on the river
A swan on its nest  ...
 I think this was it's mate but it took too long to get there
The Archimedes Screw with a fish and eel run at the side.  It generates £34,000 for the Council's coffers a year.
Dragon boats waiting for the next river festival
A general photo of the embankment
We made slow progress home walking over the Park and Will was fascinated by the grass and seemed determined to pull the whole lot out by the roots!!
Then I heard a helicopter very low and it circled over us and landed on the local rugby pitch.  Sadly it was the Air Ambulance bringing a patient in.
Can you see the yellow blob of the helicopter above the tree in the middle?
Wonderful front garden topiary
If you look a the bush on the very edge on the right you can see a face.  This bush has FOUR faces on it - one on each side!!  Brilliant workmanship.
A public garden in the middle of a roundabout that has a herb garden for the community to use
Sage, chives, thyme etc growing
 I sat having my lunch and spotted this lovely Cherry tree in a neighbouring garden and had to have a photo.
Cherry tree
and a Magnolia, just beginning to go over
Could this mean that my favourite season has at last arrived?  I think so because I went to scoop some dead leaves out of my wild life pond and dredged up some newts and two frogs doing what comes naturally!!!  I apologised for disturbing them and put them back and today there is frogspawn in the middle of the pond.  The frogs will try and guard it but unfortunately the newts will probably eat most of it, but I might get a few little 'froglets'.

Finally a 'Tah Dah' moment -
The stool cover I blogged about last post
 The stool 'in situ' in front of my computer and below close up:-
Comfortable to sit on!!

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  1. It's amazing how much more you 'see' when you have a camera in hand. Love that new look stool, must be more comfy too.