Tuesday, 7 April 2015


My apologies for not posting for nearly a week, but we have had the Easter weekend and I have had family staying for part of the weekend; younger son M, wife A and grandson B and Ellie, who I used to look after every week. She did say that she missed me though. They stayed overnight Good Friday and left after supper on Saturday, so we had a nice long day to do 'things'.

It was quite cold on Saturday and we decided that the children needed a runaround and so off to Stanwick Lakes as the children's play area is huge, with water filled runnels and ditches.  Wellington boots soon get wet inside and out so a change of clothes was also taken with us.  We walked to the new Assault Course that is now open and they loved the new equipment and both went round a few times.
B encouraging Ellie to climb up

B about to slide down
Ellie about to slide down
The fireman's pole at the end
A very good attraction now that the course has been tidied up.  Very, very close to us was this Canada Goose having a very good clean and taking no notice of anyone!
 I then had Sunday and Monday to myself and took these photos just to prove that I do finish items!!

My first Christmas (2015) bauble finished
and I embroidered a leaf!!
Today, being Tuesday, I am looking after baby Will and I decided to take him to the indoor play area which he loved so that looks like a good idea for the future.
Had difficulty getting him down from here!!
It is a glorious day with the sun streaming in through the back door which is open.  Will is having his lunchtime sleep but I think a trip to the park is called for after that and maybe a teatime snack for me!!


  1. Did wonder what had happened to you. Sounds as if you had a great Easter.
    Love your Christmas bauble. Enjoy the sun

  2. Sounds like you had a busy but fun Easter. Enjoy the sun, you never know when it will disappear.