Saturday, 27 February 2016

Back on The Farm

I was back at Chester Farm this week, but not doing any archaeological digging.  This time the call had gone out for volunteers to help with land conservation tasks and hoping that the weather would at least be fine, I decided to give it a go!

What a lovely day it was and in fact proved to be really warm once the sun rose.  Frosty to start with
we were all well wrapped up with our 'high vis' jackets on, clearing the rubbish and wood
Old fence posts had to be cleared
from this small coppice.

As usual I got carried away and was cutting down branches with a hand saw, until I was told off for doing this above my head!!  Health and Safety!!  We uncovered some dreadful rubbish that had been dumped many years ago as it was all covered in roots and leaves and a tiny field mouse leapt out and ran away into the undergrowth!
Looking good
On our way for our coffee break
 The mid morning coffee break was very welcome and we walked back to the farm over the remains of the walled Roman Town.
Double click on photo for better view

The tracks running down the hill (in the centre of the photo) are the old Roman road that ran down through the town and into the valley below.  Well designed because being lower than the town would have taken away any flood water coming down the hill.  We saw the lead archaeologist, who was on site for a meeting, and he explained why this was a walled town. Apparently it was on an Imperial Roman Route that would have been used for delivery of mail to the north and important personages would have stayed in the town on their way north as well! The River Nene was quite shallow and slow moving at this point and therefore easier to ford, hence the various groups of people who lived here from the Neolithic period to the Medieval.

By this time the sun was shining and quite hot, but although I didn't take off my coat, my hands were still cold!
Lovely view of the 14 span railway bridge over the river
... and a train en route to London.
I came home mid afternoon and suddenly realised how tired I was!! 

My 'Mini Mania' quilt for February is finished and a photo will be posted on Monday, followed by my challenge for March!!  I hope that group are not too daunted!

I have started my Attic 24 Harmony blanket and have made about 50 of the 126 squares.  The pack came from the Wool Warehouse and I love the colours.  I will post some photos soon.

Oh, and I have finished my Higham Piecemakers Christmas 2015 Challenge - more about that after 14 March when it must be shown at group.

So what is next for sewing: I have some ideas but they will be started (or finished!) soon but as the weather is improving, I feel that gardening calls, though I would much rather sew!!

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  1. A great weekend for being outdoors. We'll soon be getting on the garden