Monday, 1 February 2016

January Mini Mania

Yes, I managed to finish my December/January Mini Mania on time and yesterday was the 'Reveal'.  We had been asked to make a 9 block Sampler Quilt and no bigger than 20" (51cm) in size.

I decided to make each of my 9 blocks, 9 blocks themselves and I used my old block book that I have had for years to make four of them and I got five from the Janome website.  The latter were easy because they had all the dimensions of each part of the block, but I had to draw out the other four onto graph paper and then work out what size each square had to be.

So, from left to right:
Row 1 - Fractured Light Block (designed by Tamara Serrao) - Janome
             Cats' Cradle - from Jinny Beyer - drawn up by me
             Ohio Star - Janome

Row 2 - Capital T - from Jinny Beyer - drawn up by me
              Split 9 patch block (designed by Angie Wilson) - Janome
              Mosaic 8 - from Jinny Beyer - drawn up by me

Row 3 - Variation on Ohio Star - Janome
              Cactus Flower - from Jinny Beyer - drawn up by me
              Blue Glass Block (designed by Tamara Serrao) - Janome

The first block that I made was Capital T -
and it is probably the most uneven as I think I got my measurements wrong as you can see!!  However everything else went quite well, if not a little fiddly!!
Mosaic 8
Variation on Ohio Star
Cactus Flower
Blue Glass Block
Split 9 Patch Block
Fractured Light Block
Ohio star
Each finished square is 6", so each individual block within a block is 2". 

Oh, and all the blocks were made from fabrics that I had in my stash, so nothing new bought!!

Anyway that was December/January, but we are making Pineapple Log Cabin for February  - brilliant and the blocks will be pieced on 3" squares (you can use 4" but I want smaller!) and I have already decided to make mine from my scrap box.

So I now have three patchwork projects on the go - my incubator Linus quilt, my Higham Piecemakers Christmas Challenge (more about that later) and this new Mini Mania; February will be busy.


  1. You were very brave using all those stripes........not for the faint hearted. The mini looks lovely Carol and can wait to see the pineapple blocks X X x

  2. Some lovely blocks - I wonder why that first one is called Capital T ?