Friday, 5 February 2016

Pineapple etc

It has been a fairly busy week.  Normally I look after Will on a Tuesday but he has been on holiday, so my sister and I went out for the day.  I had to go to a garden centre to get some seed potatoes and other vegetable seeds so first stop was here where we started with coffee before I seemed to spend a fortune, including bird food. 

Next stop for lunch was the George Hotel, Buckden where we had a meal in the bar, paid for by my sister, excellent, and we popped into this very upmarket dress shop.  Way above my price range but not my sisters!  Many years ago I did buy a 'Mother of the Groom' outfit here, that I still have and is now too big for me!!  In those days I was working and could afford the price but I did get a second wear out of it when I was invited to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.  I was invited though my husband's name came first on the invitation, which he said always rankled me a little.  It didn't, but I loved the whole day.

Anyway I digress.  Next day I went to Cambridge to work on the kitchen garden and after putting the potatoes to chit, I pruned the grapevine, cleared the remains of the runner beans, and dug the plot they were on.  Not bad in 3 hours.  It was a lovely day and as I dug the plot, a Robin was singing away in the bushes and having a good feed in the wheelbarrow.  I am quite mad and talked to him gently as I dug!!  They are very territorial, but there were two of them so maybe they are mating already;  is Spring on the way??

Back at home I have been working on my February Mini Mania - Pineapple Log Cabin - and was progressing quite well when I re-read the instructions - PAPER Piecing!!!!

First I sorted my 'bit' box for usable scraps -

Some ironed scraps
Printed the squares onto tracing paper and then decided to piece WITHOUT paper at 4 inches - see where I am coming from!!!!
3 inch squares

I sewed as far as this -

when I re-read the instructions and realised that these were not right, so back to the drawing board so to speak.  However sitting at my sewing machine I had a brilliant idea so watch this space.

Tonight I am helping with the 50+ Adventure Club quiz with two rounds; one is on Geography and the other is a music round.  I hope that the latter works as I am not very computer literate in the music field.  I must have one more practise before tonight and remember to take everything with me!!

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  1. You don't have to use the paper piecing method if you don't want to Carol - those little blocks are coming on nicely - keep going!!!