Sunday, 14 February 2016


Every year a local church at Chelveston has a Snowdrop festival so I went along to support them and take some photos.

It is an area that I know well as I spent my teens near here when it was a USAF base and planes used to take off and land all day and made a huge amount of noise!!  Nowadays it is quiet village with wind turbines on the old airfield.

It was a bitterly cold day as I wandered around the churchyard -

and saw vistas of snowdrops -

and other Spring flowers -


Little cyclamen
I saw this plaque (double click on the photo and it is enlarged) -
Note the plaque at the bottom of the tower

and then I went into the church porch and couldn't resist these photos -
A beautiful flower arrangement

The church was packed with different stalls where I could have bought snowdrops 'in the green' which is the best way to plant them, the cake stall and of course I could have bought a cup of coffee.  I didn't do any of these, but I did buy some raffle tickets and some very useful small wooden bowls that are now in The Studio.

I came home and immediately started hemming the binding on my Linus quilt ready for Wednesday evening and looked at my Christmas Challenge (see last post) and unpicked almost everything I had done as it was awful!!!!!  This then resulted in a short trip to Poppy Patch to get some more background fabric as the fat quarter I had been given had run out! After some bad language I am now back on course but have run out of wadding, but I am going to a show later this week so will get it there.

I started my Harmony Blanket at crochet group that has 126 Granny Squares.  I have made 10, so some way to go, but I am enjoying it.

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  1. So the "not buying any fabric " rule has gone out of the window!

    Another lovely weekend for the Snowdrops.