Thursday, 11 February 2016

What shall I do?

The sun is shining this afternoon and it feels quite Spring like outside.  I actually saw some hedgerows in leaf this morning and I was absolutely delighted when my daffodils came out.

They have such a distinctive smell as well.  I love them.

I have finished my latest crochet project.  I have a knitted cardigan that I love as it has a collar and zips up the front and fits me very well.  I decided to make another one, but experimenting was called for as I wanted to use the same pattern but I would crochet it!!  Mad or what?!  Well, I bought the wool when I went to Fibre East last year and wrote about here so where to start on the cardigan. 

I decided to make the body in one piece - that is, crochet to the armholes and then divide for the fronts and the back so that is what I did.  I added up all the stiches that were needed if knitting, and then made a long chain  double crochet (English term) for the ribbed band at the bottom and trebles for the main body.  I was a little worried about the sleeves but they turned out alright after I used the knitted cardigan as a pattern, collar looks good but what about the band down the front? 

Thinks!  Searches the Handbook of Crochet Stitches!  Hey Presto - under Trims and Edgings I found a Corded Edging called Crab Stitch and once I had got the hang of it was a very effective band.  See for yourselves -

Love it and it is so warm!!

I have now started knitting another pair of socks from the same pattern as before, that is toe to top and I have worn the first pair regularly through the cold weather and they are so toastie!

However as we have crochet group tomorrow I need to start something new so I am going to make a Harmony Blanket.  Really useful for travelling, going away or group because it doesn't take up much room and I can just crochet a Granny Square, one or two at a time.

Upstairs in 'The Studio' the three projects are all progressing.  The Linus quilt has been quilted and bound and now I must finish hemming the binding and sew on the label;  The February Mini Mania quilt top is finished, though it hasn't turned out quite how I was expecting!!
No colour - sorry
These are supposed to be 4" square but like Topsy, they are growing!!!  However the 3" squares over papers are perfect!
3" square
I have now joined both sizes together and must think how to quilt it.

The Higham Piecemakers Christmas Challenge has been started but I am not 100% happy with it and may change my mind.  Help, it has to be finished by 12 March, only a month away.  This is the first Piecemakers challenge where I have been dilly dallying with no concrete ideas; normally I know what to do within a few days.  Anyway onwards and upwards and I am sure it will be alright on the night!

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