Saturday, 1 February 2014

It has taken me all morning to set up this blog, so I hope it works.

If you have visited my fb page you will know I am trying to make a jacket.  However I fell at the first hurdle - the pattern sizing.   I bought the pattern on the internet having seen it on a dummy at a show.  I wear UK size 16 on my top and the pattern was for 36-44!!  Even after checking online with the company I could not find out what these sizes were.  Luckily I made up a muslin copy in size 40 (thinking it was my bust size) to check for sizing and found it was 4 inches too small and even size 44 would not have fitted!!!

So I have reverted to another pattern which I had already but not used and does tell me the UK sizes on the outside and looks right.

I will let you know how it goes.


  1. Great to see the new venture is on-line. Looking forward to some pictures too

  2. good luck with your new venture ,Carol. Oh! and even better luck with the jacket.!!!

  3. Well,Carol, just to let you knlw that you are the first on my "bookmark" bar!!