Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lovely day yesterday, in Cambridge, with my little 4 year old grand-daughter, Ellie.  Having gone in on the bus, because the pushchair was broken, we walked through the city to 'The Beaderie', because a friend had been on a course there and hadn't bought all the beads she needed.  Sort of thing I would do!!  It was quite a long walk to Magdalene Street but Ellie skipped along happily, but needed a bribe of some refreshment on the way back.  She got it of course, because Granny also needed her morning coffee.

I have dabbled in beading, making a few small items but this shop has some beautiful beads.  We spent some time looking at all the strings of beads and the displays of individual ones.  It makes me want to have a go again, but I have too much to do at the moment!!  Ellie loved all the bright colours and the flowery shaped beads and I promised that I would help her make a necklace in a few years time.


Anyway, must get some sewing done or another day will be gone without a stitch being made.  At least I go to 'Higham Piecemakers' tonight so some hand sewing will be accomplished if I don't talk too much.

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  1. Like the new layout Carol! More time wasted!!!