Thursday, 27 February 2014


I am really pleased that my friend Lucy likes her new scarf that I made for her. 

Well before Christmas I crocheted myself a scarf and have worn it ever since, hence the 'loved' look about it.  I also made two more - one in pinks and purples and another in manly colours of grey, green, navy etc.  They both went to good homes and I didn't take a picture of them unfortunately.

Lucy's was crocheted on the long side and I had in excess of 200 chain initially.  Top tip when using this number of chain - I marked after every 20 when I made them; it can be a piece of contrast wool but definitely saves time counting.  I always do this when making long chain or crocheting a garment to ensure that I don't 'lose' stitches on the way.  You can move the marker up a row each time. I adapted another pattern to get the wavy lines and just carried on until I thought the scarf was wide enough.  Not sure of the actual length but it was about 60"-70" long!  Anyway Lucy likes it and that is all that matters.

My own scarf is crocheted on the diagonal.  I started with one red corner and increased on one side only until I had enough colours and then repeated these.  I love it and even wear it indoors.

Lucy's scarf
My own scarf

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