Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Some sewing at last .....

I have been busy finishing and making things over the weekend and I am delighted to say that the 'broomstick' crochet scarf is finished!
Over 72" long - taller than me!!
I don't think that the picture does it justice, but there are subtle colour changes within the wool.

I am really pleased to have mastered this technique and have already started another one using a fine mohair.  Took a few false starts to get going as the wool is so fine but progressing well.  As it is in black I thought it could be a dressy scarf.

I also had a go at making these two little items which could be used at Easter.

Quite difficult to take a photo and hold the camera so this might look a little out of focus.  Squeeze the sides and the mouth opens and it can have a little treat inside it.  Ellie, my granddaughter, knew that the grey one was a bunny without seeing the tail.  Phew, I thought she might think it was a mouse.

I started my Christmas Challenge about WW1 but then discovered that I had no wadding.  I often join pieces together but on this occasion had no pieces big enough.  Note to self - think and plan ahead!


  1. Very productive this week Carol! Great photos!

  2. Scarf looks great looking forward to seeing the next one.You have been busy like the Easter goodies. By the way have done my challenge. But well behind with other unfinished projects, and still starting more. (will I ever learn)