Friday, 7 February 2014

Where does the time go?

No sewing done for two days due to other activities and the crochet that I had done was unpicked last night because I had done it wrong!!  This last was not entirely negative because I was trying out a new stitch and I couldn't understand the pattern, but I suddenly realised what to do as I was going to bed so I will have another go later.

I now have three patchwork projects on the go:

- The Jacket (see previous posts)
- Linus quilts for Higham Piecemakers  and
- my Christmas 'Challenge  from Piecemakers.  This is to make something with a connection to World War 1, as the centenary of the outbreak is being celebrated this year.  I have ideas but am still researching the project.

Linus quilts are something that we make every year and this time we are concentrating on small quilts for premature babies. Last year our group sent Linus150 quilts.  This is their website, so please see what they do:  http://projectlinusuk.org.uk/

Here is a much loved floor cushion that I made for one of my great nephews.  As you can see 'Transport' is the theme.

I find making these large cushions such fun as they tend to be completed quite quickly.  Once I have completed the three previous projects I will start making some more floor cushions to sell, so WATCH THIS SPACE!!


  1. The cushion I gave to a (sort of) nephew at Christmas went down better than the expensive toys! Love your transport one.

  2. Yay! I see you have gone international,

  3. Cushions look great waiting to see the quilts Carol.

    1. Thanks Ellen. I probably won't be able to put photos on the blog as the quilts have well known characters on them, which I have made myself, and I might have a problem with copyright!!