Sunday, 9 February 2014

Update on the crochet

Over the last two evenings I have had a further successful attempt at a new stitch for me.

Broomstick crochet
I haven't found it as quick as normal crochet as I have to put the giant needle either under my arm or between my legs (don't ask too much about this last!) depending on the row I am on.  I haven't found which is easiest but I have now got the hang of the stitch.

I am using a cheap acrylic yarn, in case anything went wrong, but it has some shading in it which I think is quite attractive.  Thank you to http://www.stitchcraftcreate.co.uk/ who have this as a free download on their site.


  1. Something to show and tell at the next Crochet Club! Well done, looksgreat

  2. Never done or seen any Broomstick crochet please bring it on Friday. Looks interesting