Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The visit of the grandchildren passed off with only minor glitches.  Ben (8) was kicking a football in the park when he trod on it by mistake and fell to the ground with a slightly sprained ankle.  However after a few tears he was up and running with a hop and a skip in a few minutes or so.  Ellie (4) fell over and had a small cut on her hand, with blood, so I cleaned it up from my first aid box in the car and felt that a visit to the toy shop was in order where small items were purchased.  Took over 30 minutes to make up their minds but Osborne's is a brilliant shop.


I am now dashing to get ready for my local U3A (University of the Third Age) monthly meeting.


I belong to the History Group amongst others and tomorrow's meeting World War 1 is the topic.  My father served 1918 - 1919 and I am trying to show his Brigade's progress during that time, as we have some of his trench maps annotated in his handwriting.  I find this so fascinating because at this stage, the troops were moving very fast through North East France and into Belgium.  The war log of the time says that "the King passed through the village".  Unfortunately I cannot work out which village from the co-ordinates given!!  I think expert help is required so if anyone out there knows anyone please let me know.

As a footnote I must add that my father did not get married until World War 2 when he was 43.  I am not that old.


  1. My Grandaughter has just come back from a school trip to Belgium,very lucky girl having visited the trench's and being allowed to walk in them also going to the English and German war memorials and Memorial Gate, Carol I am sure you would have enjoyed this experience.

  2. Thanks Ellen - I have found it fascinating.

  3. Nice that you cleared the age thing up Carol!