Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Twice a month I go to an embroidery class.  This is a sewing craft which I wish I had taken up earlier as I am a complete novice which shows, as the other ladies in the class produce absolutely stunning work - stumpwork, goldwork, Jacobean wool work etc.

When I decided to start embroidery I went to a day class at the Royal School of Needlework, but as the piece did not get finished it languished with all the Unfinished Objects (UFOs) in the cupboard.  However a friend told me about the class she went to, which though full was the place to go.  I had to wait for a space, but once there decided to finish my RSN piece.
Gosh, was it nearly six years ago I went to the RSN
When this was finished the next project was to embroider the top of a wooden bowl I had been given. 

Satin stitch, not brilliant I know, but I enjoyed doing it.
I have just started a drawn thread sampler, but have spent many weeks working on a practice piece.  I might show this later but it may not photograph very well as it is cream on cream.

Tonight is 'Linus' at patchwork group.  I am currently quilting my two premature baby quilts, which is the chosen size this year.  I will have the binding on by this evening and hope to finish them at group.  No picture of these on my blog because they are my versions of two well know cartoon characters and I might get had up for copyright!!   To cheat I might be able to take a photo at group where they are included; I'll see.  My blog on 7 February gives details of Linus quilts and their link. 

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  1. Carol I am well impressed with your work, please bring it to the group so we see it. Enjoying your blog.