Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cambridge and other matters.

Cambridge day today and Ellie and I are going to Hobbycraft as I need some buttons and more thread for 'the Jacket'!  Hope to finish it within the next week.  Ellie loves Hobbycraft because she looks at all the glittery bits, ribbons and the giant papier maché giraffe they have there and of course, next door is the pet store where we have to go to look at the rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish.  Then we get our normal mid-morning refreshment.

I have just been onto
Higham Piecemakers
blog to see what the Monday ladies produced for our Christmas Challenge.  My goodness there were some very thought provoking items there and I am looking forward to seeing them.  I hope that they will be there for us to see.  I believe that the British Legion would be interested in seeing all these memories.  I will be posting a photo of my contribution later in the week.

Oh, and finally - does anyone out there know how to prune a grapevine that has been allowed to rampage around a garden unchecked and now needs to be brought under control?  It will probably die as a result of this but we need to give it a go.  All advice gratefully received!


  1. The ladies did the Challenge proud, there were some amazing projects. You seem to have lots of fun on Mondays x

  2. Can give knitting/ sewing advice but no knowledge about a grapevine.Have a good time at Hobbycraft. Good thinking about the British Legion.