Friday, 28 March 2014

The Christmas Challenge 2013

Anyone following my blog will know that Higham Piecemakers set us a Christmas challenge each year and 2013 was 'The First World War Remembered'

Do look at the Piecemakers blog for the pictures of the Monday group's contribution.  On Wednesday evening we all showed up with ours and here is a picture of them all.

Stunning aren't they?

Don't you love the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service doll at the back.  
We also saw those of the Monday group and every item was very thought provoking and covered a huge range of stitching, patchwork, knitting and brilliant ideas. 

My own contribution is the wall hanging in the centre of the table, dedicated to my father who went out to Vimy in March 1918. In crossing France he was awarded the Military Cross, entered Belgium and was demobbed in January 1919. He was always thought to be a confirmed bachelor, but met and married my Mother during the 2nd World War and I and my siblings followed!  I am lucky that my family still have his trench maps and medals of the time.  The maps have his writing with little anecdotes - "Must ask the sergeant to get hay for the horses" on one and "People awfully good to us at Montroeul au Bois.  Fireplace blown up by bomb as a booby trap".  This last quote was In Belgium after the Armistice had been signed. 

I really enjoyed doing this challenge but regret that I could not find a better photo of my father.  This was taken from a newspaper cutting of the time that had photos of his two older brothers who also served.  His elder brother, John, was a doctor attached to the RAMC and he to won the Military Cross.  The second brother, Dudley, had been in the Territorial Army for over ten years and in 1914 was posted to Gallipoli, where he contracted enteric fever and a head wound, was repatriated, but eventually returned to Egypt.  All three sons returned safely!  What a worry to the family having all their sons in the war.


  1. It is nice that you know so much of your fathers exploits during the war. Great Challenge entries!

  2. A lovely family story and the three came home. I think the challenge was great and really enjoyed doing it and the selection of work was increadable. , Very proud to be British

  3. I found you via the Higham Piecemakers and wanted to thank you for such a lovely post. Your wall hanging is stunning and it holds such a story too, it is a piece of history in the making. Just fabulous x

    1. Josie - thank you so much for this comment. My regret is that I didn't find out more about my father (and mother) when they were alive.
      Please keep following my blog as I love doing it and making contact with people. I have put yours on my list of 'blogs I like'!!