Sunday, 23 March 2014

Murder Mystery

At last my very busy week has come to an end and I can relax a little.  A whole Sunday to myself; what a luxury.

A very good Friday morning planning the Car Rally in May and the pub is booked for lunch which is vital for the club!!   Cannot give any indication where the intrepid rallyers will be going as that would spoil the surprise, but suffice to say they will see some of our lovely countryside and pretty villages especially at this time of the year.  I didn't manage to plan everything so another trip will be needed.

Last night I went to a 'Murder Mystery' evening that I had organised for the 50+ Adventure Club.  The 'players' for the evening were Thrapston Amateur Dramatic Society (TADS) and we had a very difficult scenario to unravel.  We sat round tables and each 'character 'came round and we asked probing questions to try to discover 'who dunnit'.  We were also fed small amounts of information through the course of the evening like the results of the pathology tests etc.  The characters had to answer truthfully except the murderer and finally we had to write down the villain and why.  My table took a long time to work it out and in the end we had to put it to the vote as we were divided.  The answers from each table were submitted and the 'director' went through each players position in the murder.  I am delighted to report that my table were the only ones to guess (sorry, reason it out) correctly so were the winners.  Slightly embarrassed as I had bought the prizes, but delighted to be on a winning side.

Not long until we start our outdoor adventures which will start with a Spring Walk followed by horse riding.  Its all go!

Now off to do some sewing, which has been on the back burner for a while and check that my Christmas challenge for "The First World War remembered" for Higham Piecemakers is finalised as it has to be shown next Wednesday.


  1. You sound as if you had a good evening,nice way to finish a busy week.
    I am having a quite Sunday just catching up. The Spring Walk sounds a nice experience not so sure about the horse riding.

  2. Get that "challenge" polished up Carol. Looks like you have had a busy week!