Saturday, 15 March 2014

Update on the new great-nephew

I went to see baby William Dent yesterday.  Really pleased with this name as his great-grandfather's middle name was Dent.  

Anyway he is gorgeous and appears to be really good during the day, but I believe not so good at night, but his Mum will sort him out.  I handed over the play mat which has been made since January and here it is!

The front log cabin
I love doing log cabin and it is so quick if you chain piece all the strips as you go.  As you can see I have 25 squares and I would have gone doo lallee if I had done each square individually.  I did buy the yellow fabric for the centre square but everything else was from my stash.  I have five large colour co-ordinated boxes  in my attic + a large box of children's type fabrics and a smaller one of Christmas and fancy fabrics.

This is the back and I believe that I may have got the fabric in the USA when I was on holiday some years ago.  Happy to be able to change this if anyone knows.

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  1. Great colours for young William. This is a good stash buster pattern