Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy belated Mother's Day

I have just returned from a sleepover last night and a super lunch today in Cambridge.

Yesterday morning something new;  I went out looking for Roman remains in a field in Bedfordshire.  All properly conducted and the field is divided into 20 metre blocks and then carrying a plastic bag we had to walk our block horizontally and vertically to cover the site.  I did find some tessari (pieces from the mosaic floor) and maybe some pottery, but I suspect that a large quantity of what I collected will be thrown out as rubbish!  Never mind I did enjoy my morning and someone found part of an Anglo Saxon brooch and a Roman coin, which I held in my hand and just marvelled at how old they were.

Then to Cambridge where I did some gardening on the vegetable patch yesterday.  This afternoon my younger son, M, and I started sorting out the grapevine.  We found that there are actually three vines, which are a mixture of black and green and all absolutely delicious as we have found in past years  We had to cut back two holly bushes, a cherry tree and huge lumps of very invasive bamboo: we needed the chainsaw for the latter.  The trees were hanging over the fence and the vines were growing up through them.  We managed to pull them down, prune them and then they were trained along the new fence which the neighbours have put up.  The fence faces south and we discovered how warm this area of the garden is so hopefully we might get a few bunches.  All I need to do is stop the muntjac pinching them so netting may be required at a later date!!

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