Wednesday, 19 March 2014

This week is hectic and my posts will be very short and fitted in between a myriad of other things.

Yesterday was a Cambridge day so Ellie and I went into the city centre on the bus.  It doesn't cost anything with my bus pass and she is too young to pay.  After looking round the shops we had our usual snack which she loves and keeps telling me she will miss when she goes to school.  Back to the house and then onto my 'Cambridge allotment'!!  For those who don't know, my son has a large garden and in exchange for fresh vegetables I am responsible for the vegetable plot.  He helps with some of the digging but the soil is wonderful and quite light compared to the clay that I work on at home.  I was preparing the ground for my early potatoes which Ellie and I put to 'chit' a few weeks ago.

Ellie was on the trampoline most of this time and then complained she was very tired when we had tea!!  Excellent way of burning off some energy.

Straight from Cambridge to a committee meeting of the 50+ Adventure Club which ended with delicious home made Apple Cake and chocolate coconut bars.  I ate far too much.

Embroidery lesson this morning and Higham & Rushden U3A monthly meeting this afternoon, followed by Higham Piecemakers quilting group this evening.

It's all go this week.

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  1. I think that you deserve cake after such a hectic day!