Friday, 21 March 2014

The theatre

Half way through a very busy week.  A full day yesterday which finished with a trip to the Castle Theatre in Wellingborough, to see a National Theatre production of 'War Horse'.  It was broadcast live from the NT and though you see it on a screen there is still the atmosphere that you get at the theatre.

I haven't read the book or seen the film, but it certainly brings home the futility of war and the casualties it brings especially the cavalry on horses pitted against machine guns and later tanks and big guns.  Such a waste of young lives.  The puppetry of the horses and birds is brilliant and there are now productions of War Horse around the world, so I assume that this is one of the UK's 'exports'.  Well done them and I enjoyed it.

Now off to plan a car rally for the 50+ Adventure Club.   This is NOT a group of oldies careering round the countryside at speed, but driving in to local villages and walking round answering questions to clues that can be found there.  All very sedate, but it is followed by Sunday lunch in a pub, which we all enjoy.  I have been told that graveyards are to be out this year as the questions I set last year did involve quite a number of them.  Pity - they are a source of information and questions!!

Thank you to everyone who supports my blog.  Please tell your friends and pass on the link to it as I get a buzz from knowing that it is being read.  If you wish to comment please feel free as I enjoy reading them and answering them as well. 


  1. Maybe they are worried they might not get away! I love visiting graveyards. You can learn lots about the place and people.

  2. I can understand that too many graveyards might pose a problem..... so you may have to work a little harder this year..enjoy yourselves