Thursday, 27 March 2014


I went to my embroidery class yesterday.  I do struggle with this and regret not taking it up earlier.  I am doing a 'drawn thread' sampler and after many weeks practising, I am now on the real thing!

I am having a go at 'Half Rhodes' stitch which involves a great deal of counting.  The finished stitch should look like a square, but my first effort was a rectangle - undo it and try again.  Next one was too big, so undone for the third try.  Looked OK so I pressed onto the next one and then passed my work to the teacher for approval before I went too far.  Wrong again so back to the beginning after checking the clock.  Nearly two hours and back to the beginning again and the group were in hysterics of laughter by this time.  Then I realised my error.  I had been counting spaces instead of threads and because of this small point I had spent two hours sewing and re-sewing one small stitch. 

In the last ten minutes I managed three small squares - RESULT, so I can now press on.

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