Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A morning's orienteering

What a change in the weather today - windy but very sunny and quite warm out of the wind.  Yesterday I went with my sister to try out an orienteering course for the club, that I mentioned in my last blog.  We do NOT run round at speed or need a compass like proper orienteers, but we all enjoy a challenge and yesterday was very much a challenge!!

The weather was not too good and the ground was very wet underfoot in places and trying to find all the posts was a disappointment.  Out of nine we found five; it might have been our fault but they do get vandalised, pulled out of the ground etc but we spent a lot of time searching for them.  On each post there is a number and we have to record the letter that is also on it.  There were some very wet spots and though I was wearing my wellington boots instead of walking boots, I had one point where it got stuck in the mud half way up my leg.  However much I pulled I couldn't get it out, my sister worried because she was only in walking boots but eventually after a little gentle persuasion I managed to release it.  Thank goodness.

As the result of this muddy morning and lack of 'posts' I don't think the club will be going there.  So I will need to spend another morning trying another course.  But my sister and I agreed we had a great time taking our exercise in a different way; she usually swims and I walk and of course catching up with each others news and the coffee and cake at the end was a welcome reward for all our hard work.

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