Thursday, 17 April 2014

Little 'handbags'

This week Higham Piecemakers have been making little 'handbags' for keeping all those essential sewing things in.  No pictures of mine at the moment as it is very much a work in progress.  Follow the link to see what they should look like.

I had to call into the Monday group who were making theirs and it was all quiet, very studious and the gluing had all been completed.
Last night the Wednesday group were completely different - very noisy, some language that is unprintable, lots of glue, hysterical laughter and a great deal of 'Can I have my glue back' as someone (named B..... ) had forgotten her glue and clothes pegs and was borrowing everyone else's!!  Still it was good fun and because we only have 2½ hours, more work has to be carried out at home than the Monday group who have all day.  We will get there I have no doubt and a picture may appear.

I am going to have a few days off from the blog over Easter as I have all my family coming for lunch on Easter Sunday so I have to get ready.  The house must be clean; that is for my own satisfaction, the garden must look good; my sons will inspect it and make comments, there is food to get ready as well as sorting out the duties of the Easter bunny, who always leaves eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt.  I have never done this before so I hope that they find all the eggs otherwise the slugs will have a field day.  Don't worry, the eggs are foil wrapped and won't be put out until Sunday, probably indoors if the weather forecast is anything to go by.

Oh and the glaziers have just phoned to say they are due any minute to change the glass that exploded in the patio door (see blog on 4 April).  Thank goodness it will be exchanged before 4 small children get here.

Just proof reading this has made me exhausted and I feel I should lie down in a darkened room with a large glass of wine and it is only 4.00pm!!  However a cup of tea will suffice for the moment and a slightly stale slice of leftover coffee and walnut cake.


  1. Have a Great Easter with your family Carol

  2. Happy Easter Carol and I am sure you will have a great time with your family.