Saturday, 26 April 2014


I tried my hand at a different craft the other day - Pyrography!  I was at my U3A Handicrafts group meeting and Sue from Antex Craft showed us how to use the tools on wood and leather and what can be achieved.   They can also be used to fuse man made fabrics either onto card or to make pictures and at this point I was very tempted but then decided that I did not have enough time to start anything new.  We are inviting Sue back later in the year to show us how to use the fabric fusing tool.  However here are some examples of what can be achieved on wood and leather.
Should have been 'Once upon a thimble' on leather - I forgot!

Lovely picture traced and then burnt on wood
Sue burning the picture on wood

Sue burnt this on wood and then painted it

I love this picture of Pingu and was tempted but I think I will stick to patchwork.

Off to Uttoxeter Quilt Show tomorrow so a few pennies will be spent, I am sure!


  1. It's always nice to see a new craft and so tempting to 'have a go' .

  2. I love Pingu,. have a good day tomorrow

  3. These are lovely. My BIL has made little three legged stills with Disney characters on for great nieces and nephews.