Friday, 4 April 2014

Never a dull moment .......

There was I, sitting watching television last night, when I thought I had been shot!!  When I recovered from the shock I went to investigate the noise and there was my patio door - shattered like a windscreen.  At any moment I expected the glass to fall to the ground in a heap.  I found the insurance policy and phoned the emergency line who informed me that it wasn't an emergency because it was the outside pane of my double glazing!!

Anyway my claim has gone in, the engineer has been and taped sticky paper to keep it in place and the date for the installation of the new glass is booked and all before Easter when the family, with little ones, come here.  The engineer thought it might be a stone as there is a small hole near the bottom

Thank goodness for insurance and only an excess to pay.
.with the engineer inside - you can only just see him
The culprit hole at the bottom

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  1. They do go with a bang! Tony walked Into ours and his knee shattered it. His head snapped back and gave me a look that said "what did you do that for? " still laughing ........