Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My tree

I opened my bedroom curtains this morning and my Malus Millennium tree was in full flower.  It took until the afternoon before I could take a picture of it and It is stunning.  What a pity it only lasts a short while in bloom, but I shall enjoy it while it lasts.
This is an ornamental Malus or crab apple
The blog is garden themed today as I went out this morning, with my sister and niece, and of course baby Will, who slept through most of the trip.  My sister and her husband are celebrating landmark birthdays this year and will be having a party at their home later in the year.  She wants the garden to look good and has called on my expertise (where did she get that idea from!!) to assist her in filling in any blank spaces and generally getting it into tip top form.  Well I love helping spend other people's money so I was completely up for this jaunt to the garden centre and we had a lovely morning filling trolleys (and I mean trolleys) full of hanging basket plants, plants that will smell good and some more unusual and hopefully, eye catching plants.  My niece has just moved into her first house and garden, so she was buying garden tools, fork, spade, hand fork and trowel, secateurs, weedkiller etc.  There is talk of a frost later this week so next week I will go and help plant them all.

Me - I needed slug pellets because they have decimated new plants I bought some weeks ago.


  1. What a wonderful site to wake up to.......the blossom is stunning. The gardens are full of slugs and snails......I bought three delphiniums ....only 1 has survived the slug munching.

  2. Fabulous tree Carol! I too am good at spending other peoples money, such fun. Have a good weekend. X