Saturday, 3 May 2014

A day of finishing things - well actually two days!!

I have finished three items in two days and am feeling very pleased with myself. However I cannot show them all at the moment but here is a taster.

I mentioned on an earlier blog, that I had been to my favourite fabric shop, Poppy Patch, and had bought some fabric.  Well, here is the first piece:-


Well, what to do with it?  I am a great thinker before I make anything but once my mind is made up that is it!  So this is what I made!!

Deliberate space

Deliberate space

Deliberate space!!!!

Yeees - a light bulb moment when I saw this.

A 'sheep' dog!!!!
I found the pattern in the March 2014 issue of 'Sewing World' which I bought at half price at Uttoxeter Quilt Show.  Not an easy thing to make and this is version 2 as I had the sheep going in the wrong direction even though I spent ages working it out.  However I am pleased with the finished toy.  The original pattern used buttons for eyes, but I am a real believer in using felt so this is suitable for very young babies after the bow is taken off.  Only need to sew on my 'Once upon a thimble' label and he (definitely a he) is ready.  I love him!!


  1. He or she is delightful, hope I meet in person x x

  2. He is wonderful and I am sure you are very proud I would love him.

  3. He is just lovely Carol, another Well Done! That fabric is so cute. Love the anticipation spaces too....