Saturday, 10 May 2014

Sleeping deeply .......

I woke up yesterday morning to an odd smell, sniffed my way around the house, decided it wasn't me and went outside and smelt it there.  As my house is attached to them,  I noticed my neighbour's windows were all open and when I checked their garden saw what I took to be a cooker, blackened and twisted, standing outside.  I went round and discovered that at 2.00am their alarms went off as the dishwasher had caught fire, from an electrical fault.  Two fire engines attended with blue lights flashing, to put it out and used some very noisy blowers to remove the smoke.  What a mess the downstairs is in with black walls, ceilings and the smell; luckily the kitchen door was closed and that kept some of the smoke from going upstairs.

I had not heard anything even though my bedroom faces the road!!  Slightly worrying because would I have heard my alarms if it had happened to me?

It seems very trivial, after all the drama next door, but I went to crochet club and managed to sort out my 'poncho' which I am having trouble with.  I doubt that it will appear on this blog because I adapted it from a knitting pattern and consequently with my inexperience it is turning into a tent suitable to cover a baby elephant!  No comments please, ladies!! However I have finished my 'Raindrop' cushion and am really pleased with it.  The pattern is  from Attic24 and I love everything Lucy does.
Front or is it the back?

I am going to have a go at her Mandala Wheels which look so cheerful.  I intend to send one in but must first decide on the colours which takes me a long time.  Give me patchwork fabrics for a project and I have no difficulties sorting colours, but knitting yarn I find so difficult. Anyway I have until June to complete one.  Onwards and upwards for colour inspirations!

Back or is the front?


  1. Another bright crochet piece. I have seen those Mandala cushions on Attic 24 - they are fab. Looking forward to seeing yours

  2. Ps. Can't believe you missed the chance of being rescued by a hunky fireman!!!

  3. So glad you and your neighbours are safe and sound, and the alarm worked for them.

    Love your cushions Carol, so cheerful and bright .....bit like you really.