Monday, 12 May 2014

Whiling away a Sunday morning

How to spend a rather blowy and possible rainy day, without doing any exercise and not going too far.  Go to a show. 

I went to the Makit show at Peterborough, which only took us about 30 minutes to get there and an hour to come back.  A very nice little show with a good mix of crafts, though predominantly lace making stalls.  We were blown away by the beautiful bobbins that you could buy for lace making, and had I been starting out on  my crafting I might have been tempted, but it is not really something I want to pursue.  However we came on a lady called Jacqui Barber who was making the most wonderful lace scarves in fantastic colours and textures. She doesn't have a website and this is the nearest link that I could get to showing a scarf on her book cover, but we loved her scarves - stunning.

I had thought I might be interested in tatting, but after watching a demonstration, decided it wasn't really for me.  I am not a 'lacy' sort of person.  

Poppy Patch were also there, as were Tudor Rose another local shop, where I bought some lovely fabric for a project in the future.

By the way I saw so many people I know, but I suppose that is to be expected on your 'home turf'.

As I mentioned in my last blog, it was crochet club on Friday and one of the new things that I learnt was the Flower Blanket Square which So, Sew Jo mentions in her blog on 1 May.

I have made one, but intend to make some more for a cushion cover, but here is the first.

I have also finished crocheting a 'pot' but that will come later as I need to do some embellishment on it.  Oh, and the poncho is finished but is rather large!!!!  Anyone got a small elephant they want to cover?


  1. I saw those scarves Carol, really nice. Did you see the woolly lace knickers on the same stand! That's why she had a smile on her face!

  2. The Peterborough show was a nice change for a Sunday morning wasn't it. I have never seen so many beautiful bobbins in one place......might even get my lace cushion out for a breather. Love your crochet square and sure you will have that finished by the next crochet club meet, well done