Monday, 26 May 2014

Bank holiday thoughts!

Friday was my first class in smocking and I really enjoyed it thanks to lovely teacher J.  Here are my first efforts, with still a long way to go.
I didn't realise red thread would bleed into white fabric but
I don't think it shows

Smocking has become very popular thanks to Prince George appearing in a smocked romper suit in Australia  I think that I have a long way to go before I reach that standard.

Yesterday was entirely devoted to the 50+ Adventure Club as I had organised a car rally which started in Northampton and went through various villages to end up for a pub lunch and the presentation of the prizes.  All went swimmingly and the weather was sunny, until the pub lunch which turned into a long, long, long wait to be served and and even longer wait for some people to get their puddings!  I will not mention the pub here but I have sent a write up to Trip Advisor!  It certainly spoilt the day for me, as an organiser.  

However what I thought would be cunning and devious questions for members of the club to find appeared to be too easy as there were four teams in second place.  Luckily for me there was a winner and a loser as I had forgotten to do a tie break question!  

Embroidery class this week and as I haven't been for a month (I was away in Kent last time) I thought I ought to do some homework, so I spent an hour doing Herringbone Multi Plait stitch and another hour undoing and re-doing all my work.  Still a little more to do and I shall be happy.

By the way, friends have told me that they enjoy reading this blog, but I would love to hear 'comments' from anyone who is overseas as I know that some of you are and if any of you are not enjoying it, please let me know what is wrong, so that I can try and put it right.  I shall not be offended!!


  1. Smockings looking good Carol. Sorry to hear that your adventure club lunch ended the day on a sour note, but I bet everyone had a great time overall. Looking forward to seeing some of that embroidery

  2. Sorry I am not overseas but I look forward to seeing your blog.
    I did smocking on Friday morning with the same lovely J. You did very well for the 1st lesson. Sorry to hear about your pub lunch so very disappointing.at least the weather was good for you.