Sunday, 25 May 2014

Horrid, horrid cat

I am plagued by a hunting cat in my garden. I  love my wildbirds and have a well stocked bird table, BUT this cat knows it is there and hides in the bushes and any unsuspecting bird is pounced on.

It was pouring with rain for a large part of yesterday and so I decided that as the weather is warmer I would put my rather scraggy pot plants out for a wash and water.
Note the water puddling on the table!
I went inside and five minutes later looked out of the window to check they were alright and there were feathers on the lawn!!!  I could see the cat at the far end of the garden with a wood pigeon and it was trying to stop its wings from flapping.  I rushed outside, the cat jumped the fence and the almost wingless baby wood pigeon flew at me, I shrieked and it landed on the patio.  What to do next?  Well I left it there as I can't kill anything and went indoors and I cannot see it this morning.

I know that some people loathe wood pigeons as vermin but I don't think any bird deserves to finish its life like this; and the parent was watching all this on my roof as I could hear it calling to the baby and watching what was going on.  The two of them had been feeding on the lawn earlier.

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  1. Blummin cats! Definitely worth getting a dog! Or maybe borrowing one for a white, scare the fluff off it!