Thursday, 22 May 2014

A stormy afternoon

What  a difference to last week with its hot weather and today, where  I have spent all afternoon dodging the deluges!

Wednesday morning I delivered this birthday present of a 'Sweet Treat Bag' which I have made for a little girl and filled with small things that a little girl might like.  Eliie, my 4 year old granddaughter, advised me on the content to a certain extent, though when I was buying them I think she thought they were for her until I had explained.  I have made it in one piece of fabric rather than strips, but quilted it down the middle, and was pleased that my quilting line matched exactly.
Closed with a magnetic catch

Goodies peeping through
This afternoon was U3A Handicrafts and a group of us went to Uppingham in Rutland where we had lunch and then visited Uppingham Yarns.  We could see that they specialise in cones for knitting machines and weaving in the most wonderful colours, but do not have the same range of knitting wools.  Disappointing as they don't stock my favourite, Stylecraft.

Anyway enough of being grumpy, it was a lovely early afternoon and I was in good company, but the drive home was horrendous with hailstones, heavy rain, lightning and flooded roads.  We couldn't hear the thunder in the car but as soon as we stopped - wow!!

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