Monday, 19 May 2014

Colour kaleidoscope

Following my few days in Kent, I went straight into a busy weekend because I needed to do a big job whilst the weather was fine.  I started this on Saturday as I was free all day and finished on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning I went Nordic walking from outside the Bell Inn in Odell, through river meadows beside the river Ouse, the Harrold Country Park and finally climbing the hill to have a wonderful view of the village and valley below and then into Great Odell Wood.  Odell church has links to the USA as a previous rector, Peter Baulkley, fell out with Archbishop Laud in 1635 and took some of his flock off to New England where he founded Concord.   There is also a castle, though unfortunately not the original which burnt down in 1931.

We did see this on our walk, which amused us no end - an enormous sheep in a tiny little hut. We wondered how he (we assumed he was a ram from his size) got out because he looked as
Is he stuck?
if he might be stuck, a bit like Winnie the Pooh eating too much honey and not being able to get out of his hole.

When I got home I finished off my mammoth task started on Saturday.  If you have been following my blog you will know that I have painted my garden table and I realised that it needed a second coat.  Well after doing this I still had paint over so what to do next - easy, the chairs!!  So each chair was painted a different colour, except the armchairs, which were both painted terracotta because I had plenty of this colour.  I really have to give them all a second coat but I have run out of energy, so this will be done at a later date  If there is any paint leftover I shall do my shed door!!

Taken from upstairs


  1. Looks great Carol, very colourful

  2. I love that table and chairs, and have told many folk of your wayward painting days. So cheerful and bright, just like you

  3. You have made a good job of your table and chairs they look great

  4. I really do like your table and chairs. You've made a great job of it.