Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Another light bulb moment - a little painting ....

Those who follow my blog have probably learnt that I have light bulb moments when I think I could do something like this or that.

I was at my sister's last week and her husband was painting their two lovely garden chairs, which are called Arthur and Guinevere.  They were bought many years ago and are lovely and comfortable with wide arms ideal for a sundowner in the warm summer evenings.  BUT they do need painting each year to look good, so I asked what would happen to the unfinished paint.  My lovely brother in law said I could have it, so I brought 5 half used tins home, with an idea.

The fact that the blue paint tin was dented, fell over in its polythene bags, leaked paint in my car, on the road outside unloading it, and leaked again on the patio is another story, but what to do with it.

When my late husband retired he got a job at a local DIY store and was able to purchase all sorts of items that came into the store damaged or were returned by customers as damaged. These included our patio table, an enormous umbrella for the patio table plus a nest of tables and a coffee table for indoors.  We did buy the garden chairs - probably at staff discount.

Well the table is now about 12 years old, has had little done to it and lives out in all weathers and I was thinking of getting rid of it and buying something newer.
So this turned   ...

into this!!

The dark blue in the bottom right hand corner is my shadow!!  So five lovely colours - terracotta, seasoned oak which is brown and on the legs, maple leaf which is the light green in the middle, Somerset green which is an olive colour and I can't read the blue label!!!   I still have to do another coat of paint on the table and the chairs need painting, but I ran out of energy and needed a cup of tea.

So proud of this and I reckon the table will go on for another few years.


  1. It looks great Carol. We also got rid of a table similar to yours.......shame I didn't see this a few years back because then I to could have a revamped smart looking table. Good luck with the chairs. X

  2. What a great idea Carol. The table looks FAB! I am slightly worried that you are becoming a little ......mad! But as long as it makes you happy..... Xx