Monday, 5 May 2014

Another finished item

I went out for lunch yesterday with my son, M, in Cambridge.  My niece, J, was there with baby Will, who is absolutely delightful and so good.  When I arrived M was cutting up his version of Chocolate Rocky Road, called Fat Boy Tiffin, which he then informed me contained amongst other things the following:-

1 large Mars bar
2 large Picnic bars
2 large packets of Maltesers + a great many other ingredients.

He was counting up the calories per piece and then I realised that he was preparing for a marathon in Milton Keynes, that he is running today, probably as I write this.  There will also be friends running so this is their super food to help them through!!  He only has another three marathons to run between now and November when he celebrates his 40th birthday with his 50th marathon in New York.

Anyway back to baby Will.  I made him this

I love the tail!  This photo looks like he is crawling away.
The tortoise is made from felt and is quite easy to make.  Baby Will is going to be my guinea pig to see how 'Torty' stands up to wear from a baby; not sure how well it will withstand washing etc so I shall be interested to see. 

One other finished item to show after a very productive weekend, but this will be later in the week.

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