Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Another busy week

This will just be a quick post to say that I have a very busy week after tomorrow, so may be 'off the air' for a few days.  Never fear I shall return, with a great deal to write about!!

However, before I go just a quick update.  I went for a 6 mile Nordic walk yesterday morning and found it quite hard going as I haven't been walking for a month, so I was definitely out of condition.  But it was a lovely morning and the countryside does look at its best at this time of the year.  Saw Peacock butterflies sunning themselves and we tried to identify some of the wildflowers and I did ask if I would now have to carry my wildflower book as well as my bird book which all add extra weight when walking!!  But that is not the way things are done nowadays because you take a photo on your phone and identify it when you get home; so much easier!  Keep up with modern trends woman!!!!

Last night I finished my crotched Mandala wheel for Yarndale 2015, but I will show a photo of that at a later date as the crochet club might have plans in that direction.

I am not sure whether I have mentioned this in any blogs that I have written, but I very rarely make patchwork items unless it is for a specific purpose or to learn a new skill.  I cannot just make something for the sake of it, so I am slightly at a loose end with my patchwork as I have finished all my projects and am waiting for a decision on the next big one which is a quilt for my son, M, and his wife.  They have requested a floor length quilt for their king size bed and I have found a pattern that I really like.  Nothing further will be mentioned on this until they choose the colours they want.

Anyway, this short quick blog has turned into something longer and as it is Tuesday it is a Cambridge day so Ellie, my granddaughter, and I are off for our morning coffee/drink and a bun and vegetable gardening will follow.  Wonderful son has finished digging the veg patch so now I can plant stuff. the sun is trying to shine and it looks like it is getting warmer.  Summer is on the way!!!!


  1. Ooh dear! Just had a look at Attic 24 Mandalas ---- might have do make one myself !

  2. So quick to make, I am sure you would have time to do one!!

  3. Yarn dale 2015 don't you mean 2014 ......it's this September, but you are quickly off the mark and have definitely encouraged others to join you in the making. Enjoy your time with your granddaughter